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Posted on December 5th, 2013

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall believes that it is time to put this to rights, as he explains in this brilliant new book. He’s come up with an abundance of veg-tastic recipes, including a warm salad of grilled courgettes, lemon, garlic, mint and mozzarella….

Posted on December 18th, 2012

We’re keen organic gardeners, and work hard to keep our soil healthy and work with nature to produce a healthy and productive garden. It’s important to have access to good information right from the beginning though, so we’ve compiled a list of the top ten selling organic gardening books on Amazon to help new gardeners and provide extra tips for experienced growers.

Posted on March 24th, 2011

Plans for a cull of badgers in parts of mid and west Wales to help tackle TB in cattle have been approved by assembly members.


Recent Articles

  • The Vegetable Growers Cheat Sheet!

    We’re in the middle of vegetable growing and planting season, and knowing where to plant them, how far apart the different vegetables should be, and how long they need to grow can become daunting if you plan on doing more that one at a time.

  • The Welsh Casino Scene

    Plans for a cull of badgers in parts of mid and west Wales to help tackle TB in cattle have been approved by assembly members. Assembly government proposals to introduce a similar scheme last year were defeated in the High Court by the Badger Trust. Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said she had decided to [...]

  • £48,000 Welsh Assembly Government wind turbine generating £5 of electricity per month

    A wind turbine located at the Welsh Assembly Government’s Aberystwyth offices, built in 2009 and costing £48,000 has been generating a monthly average of just £5 worth of electricity.

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Welsh Agricultural Industry

    Farmers in Wales need to reduce their carbon emissions by 17%, according a report produced by the Environment Strategy for Wales. However, it’s easier said than done as the equipment that farmers use to do their job is the main contributor to the problem.

  • Pembrokeshire eco village Lammas film hits cinemas

    A film showing life for families building a home in a Pembrokeshire eco village is being premiered at cinemas.

    Residents won planning permission in 2009 to build a community of nine smallholdings at Glandwr designed to be low impact and self-sufficient.

Latest news & events

  • Valuing Wales’ National Parks report claims visitors spend £1bn a year

    The Valuing Wales’ National Parks report commissioned by National Parks Wales, the WLGA and Natural Resources Wales found that Wales’ Pembrokeshire Coast, Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons national parks attract more than 12 million visitors, spending £1bn a year and as a direct result creates a £557,000,000 benefit to the Welsh economy.

  • White-fronted geese ban change attacked by bird lovers

    Wales is the only country on the flight path of an endangered goose where the birds can be shot and killed, says the Welsh Ornithological Society (Wos).

    It has criticised Welsh governent’s decision not to press ahead with a gun ban on Greenland white-fronted geese.

    Voluntary bans are in place at some wetlands including the Dyfi estuary but the society said only an outright ban can ensure the birds’ protection.

  • Lord Krebs warning on badger cull credibility

    Independent crossbencher Lord Krebs told the House of Lords that culling badgers had a “modest effect” in reducing the incidence of TB, and thus “rolling out culling as a national policy to control TB in cattle is not really credible.”

  • Recycling boss admits dumping waste on the Gwent Levels

    A recycling firm owner who illegally dumped waste in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) has been given a three-month suspended sentence.

    David John Neal, 52, of Rumney, Cardiff, was fined £10,000 and his two firms face fines and costs of £202,000 after pleading guilty to the breaches at Ty-To Maen Farm on the Gwent Levels.

  • Wales wildlife given £1.5m protection amid climate change

    Wildlife projects in Wales are to receive £1.5m to help protect habitats and species.

    The Welsh government’s Natural Resources Minister Alun Davies said the money would be used to strengthen the environment against climate change.

    Natural Resources Wales and the Wales Biodiversity Partnership will run the programme.

    The Resilient Ecosystems Fund follows the State of Nature report, which highlighted the risk to UK wildlife.